Banging Radio: The Ultimate EDM Podcast

On Thursday, June 28th, Banging Events launched their first-ever live radio show via

Banging Radio features co-hosts “Tony Pre,” the DJ name of Anthony Prefontaine, who doubles as the company’s CTO, and “Matty B” the company’s affectionate name for Matt Borodinksy, Co-Founder and CEO of the Banging brand. In the opening lines of the broadcast, Matt informs listeners that Banging Radio will be “supplying you with the best of EDM news, music, and more every Thursday at 9 [pm] Eastern/7 Central”.

In the first episode, the duo begins by playing their ‘Banging Breakers’ which features the top five latest and best EDM track releases. When announcing this week’s Banging Breakers, Tony describes their selections as the best possible songs of the moment to give to the listeners. “Especially with the Banging Breakers, we’re going to be giving you guys the newest songs that just came out that we believe are going to be the big hits in the next upcoming weeks.” The pair goes on to discuss the Banging brand’s unique niche in hospitality. Tony states, “We really want you to know that we aren’t just another event company trying to take your money, and that’s it. We want to know that you guys are a part of our family.” Later in the episode, the co-hosts go on to discuss the week’s top EDM news and headlines. You can read a full report via Banging’s Weekly EDM Recap

The radio show will air every Thursday at 9 pm and promises to feature special guests, EDM artists, special Banging promotions, and more.

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