Best Gifts for Rave Babes Under $20

Whether you’re a rave babe, looking to spoil yourself or a friend/significant other of those of the rave/EDM community, we’ve compiled a list of gifts under $20 for those of us who can’t stop, won’t stop dancing under the neon lights.

Iridescent Fanny Pack

There’s nothing worse than sprinting to the main stage at a festival just in time to hear your favorite DJ and realizing you left your purse in the bathroom… on the other side of the festival. These iridescent fanny packs store everything you need right in front of you and are so, so cute!

Tilly’s Sydney Iridescent Fanny Pack

Dope Shades

When I chose this category, I was actually very unsure what categorizes a pair of sunglasses as “dope shades.” Then, I saw these LED light up glasses and ordered a pair for myself. Oops.

TGETH Neon LED Light Up Sun Glasses via Amazon

Unique Bandaids

Whether it’s blisters or scrapes, at a festival, accidents are bound to happen. Cool Bandaids aren’t just for first grade anymore! Soothe wounds with these bad boys, and your minor cut just became a statement for your self-branding. (P.S. – No joke, I almost always bring these kinds of things, and I almost always receive compliments).

Forever 21 Gama-Go Pizza Bandages Pack

Collapsible Water Bottle

It’s a no-brainer to bring a water bottle to every festival/concert you attend. Festival water is almost always free! Duh! But the annoying part about transporting your own water bottle around is having nowhere to put it. These water bottles roll up and are great to store in any bag, and unlike, most flimsy collapsible water bottles (AKA glorified ziplock bags), the silicone material is sturdy when filled with liquid.

Walmart Collapsible Water Bottle Silicone Refillable Bottle

UV Light Glow in the Dark Flash Tattoos

I’m obsessed with flash tattoos in general, but I’m even more obsessed with these glow in the dark flash tattoos. I’m canceling my sunglass order and ordering these. Or maybe I’m getting both. Help me.

Etsy Heartbeat Bracelets Metallic Temporary Tattoo


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